There’s going to be a lot going on here. To keep it short and sweet, I am a person that is probably slowly spiraling into schizophrenia and that’s ok. I’m an angry little thing but most people seem to be amused by me. I’ve seen some things that have changed me and molded me and I hope to offer others an opportunity not only to connect to but release. This is pretty much therapy for me more than anything. You, the reader, getting a kick out of it is an added bonus. Sometimes I’m bad. Sometimes I’m ugly. Sometimes I’m a ball of fucking sunshine. Sometimes I’m a mean, bitter, venomous little bitch, and sometimes I’m an absolute delight. It all kind of depends. I more than likely suffer from bipolar disorder but its not confirmed yet. So I’ll be dumping all my emotional baggage and inappropriate thoughts here. One of you fuckers out there HAS to relate. I cant be the only one.


Your children should probably not be reading this so do your job as a parent and fucking monitor them.