A certain inflexibility in opinion.

You and I will never see things eye-to-eye

We vibrate on different frequencies.

So far the longest fight I have ever had to endure with you is this one.

The one where I have completely given in to myself,

and am now refusing to coddle you like the child that you are.

You are no longer Mama’s baby.

You’re going to need to find your nourishment elsewhere.

Lately it seems as though you’ve found something to keep you busy.

I find peace in that.

I couldn’t even begin to describe in accurate detail the utter disdain I harbor in my soul for you.

I see you as such a parasite.

A pathetic little grub.

The fact that you continue to even exist perplexes me as I firmly believe that a creature without a productive purpose should cease to exist.

But here you are.

Breathing. Consuming. Wasting. Destroying.

You are a virus dear boy!

A crippling virus!


scratch that.

A full blown disease.

The fact that this planet I must live on still has not been cured of you fills me with great trepidation. I put my hand on my heart and shed tears for this planet as all of the good air is being sucked up by you and people like you.

Its a shame and an utter injustice.

Pray for us all.



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