I see what you are doing.
I know your works.
Your tactics and strategies haven’t changed a bit.
You continue to utilize human beings as a crutch and as an excuse for your own shortcomings. Shortcomings that you yourself will never seem to admit to. I want you to enjoy this brief moment of peace you are fabricating with this new victim you have. I pray on everything I hold dear to me that you don’t end up really hurting someone this time. I mean REALLY hurting them. Like what you could have done to me , but failed at because my God has a greater plan for me, greater than the plan you had for me, and against the most high ? You sir cannot ever compete.
Despite your illusions of grandeur, you’re willfully high self-esteem that you portray to others in an attempt to hide the fact that you, in all reality, are a weak and opportunistic man that preys on the kindness of others for your next way of escape from your already dull and sad reality. In case you haven’t noticed, your relationships get shorter and shorter because of two very important things.
1. Being your lack of control over yourself. The older you get, the less you seem to be able to hide that little monster in you, that you like to hide from people.
2. As you grow older the women that you date also grow older, therefore, it’s a lot easier to con a 17-year-old (like I was when we met) than it is to con a 28-29-30 year old
In short, no one has time for your stupid shit anymore. They might buy it and play along for a while but mark my words when I tell you this; eventually they will drop you like the bad habbit that you are…
” oh woe is me! I need help! I have a problem ! You’re saving my life! “
Once that bullshit wears thin, the cycle will once again start over…
Once the veil of your superficial charm has been lifted, a talent which you have mastered all on your own, and people get tired of it, and they see who you truly are, I’m gonna be right here.
You’re a washed up con man. There are no scams left for you.
There are no more white horses or pretty ladies at your door.

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